Piotr Dluzniewski

* 1952 in Lodz (PL)
lives and works in Cologne (GER)

The drawings and watercolours by Piotr Dluzniewski are moving between two poles: On the one hand a nature mimesis that conveys the artist's desire of an "ideal nature" and outlines a romantic image.  It is not for nothing that the painter chooses watercolours and a soft and scumbling paint application for his works. On the other hand is an anticipated world, ironically concerning reality, revealed. Cows, embodying gentleness and motherliness, encounter emphasised seductive appearing women. Incarnating erotic fantasies, always dominating the animals, sometimes with a crop otherwhiles with sensitive softness. Piotr Dluzniewski paintings were once described as a "frivolous theatre". Secret directives, arisen from imagination, are receiving, in form of a tender embrace by the outer and the acceptance by the inner nature, a relief from taboos.