Opening: 05.11.2015 • Exhibition Duration: 06.11. - 05.12.2015

Rita Nowak & Michael Horsky, invitation card of the exhibition "Cruising", 2015, photo © Rita Nowak 2015

“Cruising” is a term borrowed from the gay scene and describes the various forms of actively seeking sexual partners, the communication of which functions via insider codes. Rita Nowak and Michael Horsky have taken the word “cruising” for the topic of their first exhibition together, to present as it were an occasion of highly charged eroticism translated into photography and painting. Subjects from art history assume the functions of semiotic codes. The two artists have known each other since 2004; it was already clear to them after their first encounters that there were clear parallels in their artistic approaches and this project presented a possibility to flesh them out. The juxtaposition also reflects polarized positions: Rita Nowak defines “cruising” as a purely erotic instance in which sex is consciously excluded; for Michael Horsky, sex in its orgiastic form stands in the foreground.
Accompanying the show is an eponymous catalogue.

Konzett Concept Concert
KCC Nr. 5: Nakedness
Die heilige Raserei / Holy Mania.
Concert conducted by Michael Mautner
Wed. November 11, 2015, at 7:30 p.m.
Konzett Gallery, Spiegelgasse 21, Mezzanin, 1010 Wien
Introduction: Dr. Irene Suchy
Music, curated by Michael Mautner:
G. F. Haas: Third String Quartet “In iij. Noct.” – to be played in complete darkness
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for the Recorder and Orchestra RW 443 C-major
Luciano Berio: Sequenza III für Sopran Solo
Carlo Gesualdo: O quam pulchra es, Madrigal a 5 voci
Sarah Maria Sun – soprano
Christine Gnigler - recorder
ensemble LUX – string quartet
(Louise Chisson, Thomas Wally, Nora Romanoff and Mara Achleitner)
Chistian Eichhorn – theorbo
Harald Jokesch - voice
Michael Mautner - cembalo and conducting
Visual art, curated by Philipp Konzett:
Selected work of Rita Nowak and Michael Horsky
We are happy to present to you, on the occasion of the concert, the publication “KKK I-III 2014” on our interdisciplinary project series Konzett Concept Concert.

Upcoming Exhibitions/Events

Saturnalia Festival with Concert, Thurs., December 17, 2015
December 18, 2015 to February 20, 2016
Vienna Art Week
November 16—22, 2015
Artist Talk
Tues., November 17 Rita Nowak
Wed., November 18 Michael Horsky
from 4:00—8:00 p.m.

Exhibition archive

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December 19 2014 - February 28 2015